Get Out of the Credit Disaster Mindset

It’s no secret why so many Americans are in debt up to their eyebrows. The moment a teenager reaches his or her eighteenth birthday; if not sooner, credit card companies begin sending offers for credit cards. Some of the offers are extremely tempting, screaming promotional and introductory rates of 0% for the first six months,

10 Tips to Good Credit

You must be able to demonstrate good credit to be approved by most of the private student loans. This also applies to the loans you might need such as auto loans, business loans and mortgages. Here’s what you can do to keep your credit score high and your credit good. 1. Make your payments prompt

What is Credit & How is it Established?

A credit rating is simply someone’s assessment of how well you would be able to pay back money lent to you. Usually, that “someone” is a credit reporting agency; however, creditors themselves will also make their own assessment, which is usually based on the score you receive from the credit reporting agencies and is determined

Understanding Your Credit Report

Navigating a credit report can be a bit confusing but it is important to understand how all of those numbers affect you whether or not you are considered credit worthy. A credit report is broke into four basic sections and each one is important to your credit score. The first section contains your identifying information

“Bad Credit Cards” and Why They May Do Good

Millions of people use credit cards all around the world. A huge chunk of those users made mistakes when dealing with their credit cards. The consequence of the errors is costly.  A lot end up in debt and most of the time these are the people who rant about the credit card being the devil.

Why Getting a Copy of Your Credit Report is Important

Your credit rating, like a report card of your credit history, is important when determining your economic status. When your credit rating is good, you can easily obtain a loan, a mortgage, or credit cards, among other things. But if you have a spotty payment history with a creditor, or even went into default with

How Credit Inquiries Effect Your Credit

What most don’t know about credit inquires is that they can destroy your credit score and effect what you can qualify for. Whether you are shopping for a cell phone, car, home loan, insurance, or just curious about wanting to see what you could qualify for, a credit inquiry can cost you points on your
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